Ronnie is a well-known clairvoyant,she is a Tarot Cards reader. She is helping others to get abetter understanding of their lives in the past, present and future.   

This time she needed some help herself looking for a way outof this tight space she was falling into more or less regularly. One sunnyafternoon she found herself sitting in my therapy room sipping coffee andsighing uncontrollably not knowing where to begin.   

Ronnie  was struggling to explain herstory clearly and I started helping her by asking some questions. We were justhaving a normal conversation, nothing special about it. She was looking throughthe window at trees and rooftops, gradually sharing more details ofher painful story. She felt guilty over something that happened long ago, something that wasn’t her fault and she had no control over. And yet, the feeling was there and it was big.   

While listening to her, at the back of my mind I was alreadyforming a plan of how I was going to help,how I was going to put her in trance and what exactly the nextsteps were going to be…  Then something very strange started tohappen! There was something in the air that couldn't be easily explained.    

On the surface everything was still the same - Ronnie wasstill looking outside the window and talking, I was still listening, and wewere finishing our second cups of coffee. This was only for an untrained eyethat wouldn’t pay attention to subtle nuances - her faceflashed, her eyeballs were moving a bit more rapidly than before and the tone of her voice was different now. “My feet are stuck in the sand!” – she said suddenly, trying to move from her seat.   

At this point I was sure, Ronnie was in a deep hypnotictrance that happened spontaneously, without my help at all! I decided to thinkabout it and be amazed at what happened later, andjumped straight into the hypnotic change work…   

…”I must’ve fallen asleep” – she said sometimelater - “What was that??” 

“Yes, you did, and you had a nice dream, didn’t you?” 

She smiled. 

“You know, - she said standing at the door asshe was leaving, - “I am not upset anymore. It was nice talking to you!”   

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